Italy is a country with many qualities. Business (Milan and Rome), tasty (Bologna and Naples), romantic (Venice and Verona), beauties (Ischia and Capri), inebriating (Turin and Brescia), charming (Lake Garda and Lake Como). In  Italy you  having a lot of options: visit an exhibition, sign a business contract, buy high fashion boutiques, taste local wines, see world-famous attractions, taste pasta and pizza, cheeses, learn about local culture And discover the temperament of the different populations.

You can not underestimate the importance and utility of a rental service with a driver. Once you get to your principal you will definitely need to move to the surrounding places to get to know new places, reach interesting destinations, and discover the secrets of every place in our country. Lieto Travel offers rental services with driver in Naples, in the surroundings, and throughout the Italian territory.